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Mini Vacation

Finally taking a mini roadtrip. Going up to Albuquerque to the Aquarium they have sharks and a lot of marine life and the botanical garden which i am really looking forward to a bunch of plants i love gardens flowers etc. My hotel has an indoor pool which i am so looking forward to. I have not been in a pool in about ten or more years sad huh? Also stopping by Ruidoso and finally Roswell on our way back. All this is in New Mexico im in El Paso TX so its not too far. My girls went on vacation with their grandmother to the Grand Canyon and spent four days at Dysneyland in CA and afterwards a day at the beach they should be home by Saturday night. Cant wait to see pictures. Im leaving Friday at five a.m. They went with my boyfiends mom and hew son eddies brother and im taking my lil sister with me shes fourteen and also taking my mom she wants to go to the casinos but im not sure if i want to spend money on that yet. Wish me luck!!
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