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OK so now im like the bad guy in my family. well this is the thing. my significant other and I were waiting on our income tax return and we got a pretty good return for this past year. Well i helped my dad with a thousand dollars so he could get some dentures since he had horrible mouth problems. some money went to bills and since ive neveer really had a computer i purchased one online from hp. my boyfriend has his own and the girls have the old one we have always used. ihad told my mom i would give her the girls computer once edward got his. and i got mine. well that never happened as he decided to go pary with the money that was left and blew about two grand. so the rest went to bills. well i recanted and told my mom i could not give her the computer and give me time because since ed did not get his we cant take the girls computer away.
well my siste gets in the middle and calls me why am i not giving her the computer and i explained to her thats the girls. and i had already spoken to my mom about that so that was really none of her business. well she and her husband got mad because they sold my dad an illegal cable box and my computer would have worked with the box but not the current one they have. so hes calling me yelling at me and im like excuse me but i already spoke to my mom about this how is this any of your fucking business. theyre like yeah well u just got a new computer its like dude ive never had a fucking computer and i am not taking the girls computer away im sorry but my computer is for me so i can do my work etc. so now im the selfish bitch. and its like i help my parents out way more than any of my sisters and i cant help her this time im sorry but we can buy her memory and be upgrading it.

so now im kind of pissed off at him where the hell does he get off judging me. my boyfriend and i have threekids a big house hefty taxes we pay on a house so we have a lot of bills but i help my parents out with what little i have left it just pisses me off that they get in the middle of this when they dont really know what i do for them.
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