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I totally forgot to post about my mini road trip. Well my girls Isabella 12 and Cosette 8 went on their summer trip with their grandmother and uncle last week to the Grand Canyon and Disneyland they left on June 6 and came back June 12. They had a blast it was their first time in California and at a beach . They were scared of the Grand Canyon I would be too I start to shake when I'm up in a stadium, no thanks!! I had not been out of El Paso in about 8 years. I loved the change of scenery in Ruidoso, N.M. Pine trees!! The hotel we spent the nght was economical and can't beat indoor pool!! Specially since it was practically empty!! I took my mom and my little sister Iris she's 14 and of course Edward he did all the driving :). Albuquerque is full of life there was so much to do night music in downtown, a traditional pizzeria where I had an authentic spumoni sundae it was the best I've had and don't get me started on the pizza we had mushroom and pepperoni it was the lightest yet filling pizza I've ever had pizza hut who? Sadly I didn't get a chance to visit the few Italian pastry shops they had as we got lost trying to find this one street. We want to go back with the girls before school starts so that they can take advantage of the aquarium and zoo. Roswell U.F.O. Museum was awesome if you're into that kind of scene which I totally am. We saw the plans for the new museum they are planning on building it is huge!! They had a map where u can put a dot on the world map where you're coming from there was someone that visited from Mongolia! I wanted to stop by the forest and recharge but my mom wanted to go to the casino which we went to and I lost my last eighty bucks. This was a well planned last minute trip and I loved it!!
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