queenofdarkmoon (queenofdarkmoon) wrote,

1st day

Well I decided to finally follow an exercise/healthy eatin plan. Working with cardio three days a week and weights three days alternating. Today I worked with free weights and worked on upper body thurs I'll do lower. Although I did a bit of all today 20 min cardio a few sets for upper and very few squats. Those kill me as my knees are not in the best shape and my quads are extremely weak. I'm trying to follow an exercise regimen schwarzenneger did during his early body building days as he worked mostly with free wt. As I get better I'll have to go to an actual gym to use more machines. But since I'm starting these should be enough. For cardio I'll be alternating with the treadmill and the boxing bag/speed bag. I will try to include as much different exercises to keep shocking my body. So tomorrow will be day 2 lower body lifting depending how weak my legs feel I'll go for a 20 min tredmill session. I feel pretty tired just hope I'm not thoroughly exhasted.
Basically my whole day consisted of writing which exercise what weights and how long.
I feel exhausted after all the lifting and the speedwalking. Be back tomorrow I'll update then
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